Upgrades & Repairs

Automated Systems


Maytronics cleaner has no need for a second pump as required for pressure cleaners or a cumbersome vacuum hose for suction cleaners. These tried and tested cleaning robots are taking over as the sensible way to clean pools.

Pool Heating Options

Australian made solar panels from Autumn Solar are the latest in panel technology for solar heating for expected extension on swim season of 6 to 8 weeks.

Gas heating is a very quick way to heat your pool, using the latest product from Pentair Water can also reduce running costs through latest technology efficiency.

Heat pumps are notably the cheapest way to heat your pool all year round. It is widely accepted that also the initial buy price is elevated, the “payback period” when compared to gas is approximately 5 years or less. We use Toyesi, an Australian manufacturing firm for its excellence in after sales service.

Pool Covers

Daisy pool covers are a quick and simple way to protect your pool and get as much solar warmth as possible without a heater.

Remco Pool Guard can be fitted to existing pools and offers a higher level of safety and protection for the pool and your family and friends.

Remco Swim Guard is the accepted standard for the safest lockable and load bearing pool cover on the market. This system requires customisation at the build stage of your pool.

Chlorination Systems

There is a varied range of chlorination systems on the market. We are happy to promote Magna Pool for a very user friendly and delightful way to sanitize your pool.

For an automatic chlorine and acid dosing system we use Chemigem. Their solanoid system for dosing reduces expensive replacement costs for wear and tear.

Salt water chlorinators are many and varied and we can help you choose based on your budget.

Repairs to Existing Equipment

We offer a remove and replace of existing pumps and chlorinators. Our workshop is set up to recondition a wide variety of equipment.

If you don’t have time for setting up and maintaining any of these systems we can look after it all for you in one of our maintenance packages.

Take a look at our Routine Maintenance packages.